The World Without Crows

B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree




After the introduction of a deadly disease in 1990, the world collapsed. Those who did not die from the Vaca B were transformed into walking corpses. Others were cracked by the disease and turned violent. Fires raged, cities burned, and the structure of civilization shattered.

To escape the ravages of a dying world, the disease and the gangs that roamed the streets, Eric, a 16 year old boy, obese and uncertain, plans to hike to Maine. There he believes he can find a place to be safe.

On the journey, Eric finds friends and enemies. But the quest is far more difficult than he ever imagined in his home as he sat over the map, planning. Not everyone will make it to the end. And after the choices they will have to make to survive, who will they be when they arrive?


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