I grew up in the small town of Buckfield, Maine (Inhabitants: 2,000, most of them related to me). I went to study at the University of Farmington, Maine, where I studied Creative Writing. I took every chance to be an exchange student while I went there. I studied for a semester in France, at the Université du Maine, in Le Mans. Then I hopped over the canal to study at the Oxford Polytechnic School in Oxford, England. Finally I took the opportunity to study Rainforest Management at the School for Field Studies in Yungaburra, Far North Queensland, Australia. After graduating, I was the Acting Director of Alice James Books for a time, a cooperative poetry press. I left Maine after a couple years and lived in Portland, Oregon for a spell, and then moved to Oakland, California to study at Mills College. I graduated with an MFA in Creative Writing, and then went to live in Athens, Ohio, before heading back to Maine. After a time working construction with my Dad, I went to study for my doctorate in Literature at the University of Buffalo. Once I graduated, I lived for a few years in Buffalo, working as the Administrative Assistant to the translator of the Popol Vuh, Dennis Tedlock. This is when I met my future wife, Fernanda, who was a Fulbright Scholar from Chile. When she had to fulfill her requirements to work in Chile for at least two years, I followed her back to her country. We were married a year later in Olmué. We’ve been living in Chile ever since, in our apartment by the ocean. We have just published a co-written book on the Nobel Prize winning poet, Gabriela Mistral. Now I am concentrating on publishing the books I’ve been writing for the last decade. This is my page to blog about that experience. And other things, I imagine.