First blog post

So this is a blog. More precisely, it is my blog. To be honest, I didn’t think people were writing these anymore, so I didn’t think I’d be writing one when I woke up this morning. My name is Ben (hence The Blog of Ben). Nice to meet you. I’m an independent author living in La Serena, Chile, and I’m planning on self-publishing my next book, The World Without Crows in the next few months or so.

I think there are many reasons why someone might choose to be an independent author. Imagined fame. Imagined riches. Being able to put “author” on your CV and Twitter bio. I’m not really interested in any of those things.

I have several books. I even had a few published by small presses. Matter of fact, I just had one published that I co-wrote with my wife, Fernanda, a nonfiction biography of the Chilean Nobel Prize Winning poet, Gabriela Mistral. It’s called “Regional Creature: An Introduction to Gabriela Mistral”. (I should probably write a post about that too at some point.) But I also have several other books that seem very sad sitting in a folder on my desktop. There’s nothing more pathetic than a book without an audience. It’s like a donut in a world without mouths.

These books haven’t had very much luck finding a publisher or an agent, and I have a box somewhere full of rejection letters to prove it. (Or did I throw those away?) I’ve spent a lot of time in my life crafting intricate cover letters and synopses, both long and short, all to convince someone, somewhere that my book is the new Harry Potter.

But I’m really not interested in that. And I’m not interested in convincing agents and publishers that I will make everyone rich. I don’t see how anyone can write a book worth a damn with those kind of motives. For me, being an independent author really means not having to say “I’m going to make you rich.” Because I’m not.

Being an independent author has been, so far, not a lot of fun. There’s a lot of details that again you don’t think about when you’re writing. At least I don’t. I don’t like writing brief summaries of my book or quick lines to get people drawn into it or starting email lists. (By the way, join my email list!) But these are things that have to be done to get my books off my hard drive and into the hands of readers. Which is really the ultimate goal of any writer.

The first book I plan on launching is The World Without Crows. I hope to launch it on Amazon in the next couple months. It’s the story of the end of the world and how a boy grows into a man while everything falters around him. It’s a good read. It’s got something like Zombies. It’s got something like romance. It’s got some Spanish. Here are some names of the characters: Eric, Birdie, Brad, Lucia, Carl. I won’t tell you which of those survive, but not all of them do. I’ll talk more about this book on this blog as I get closer to launching it.

After that, I will be launching my science fiction trilogy, Slinger. Some of you might have even read the first two (sound of crickets). They were published by BlazeVox Books. I had a hard time finding an audience and really should’ve started a blog back then, but I didn’t know what I was doing. I probably still don’t.

I plan on launching The World Without Crows as soon as I can. There are details to oversee, such as book cover design, which requires patience. But please watch this space. Join my email list, so I can let you know when it launches. Also, you can like the page on Facebook or you can follow me on Twitter. Those are all viable paths.

Most of all, when it comes out, give the book a try. It will be happy to leave my hard drive, believe me. It’s dark in there.


One thought on “First blog post

  1. Ben I don’t believe I have told you how much I enjoyed your book…The World Without Crows!! I read it in 3 days…really couldn’t put it down Not crazy about the thoughts of Zombies…but your book was very good..I give it Gold Stars!!


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